Did you know? You may still be eligible for Medicaid

Although Gov. McCrory rejected a bill to expand Medicaid and potentially give 319,000 North Carolinians the health care they need, you still may be eligible for Medicaid. Use this checklist to find out.

You may be qualified for Medicaid if you or the person you care for is:

• 65 or older
• Younger than 21
• A parent, guardian or caretaker with a dependent 18 or younger in your household
• Pregnant
• Blind
• Disabled
• Receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Additionally, you must:
• Be a U.S. citizen or possess eligible immigration status (for example , a green card)
• Possess a Social Security number
• Be a North Carolina resident, and provide proof of residency

To apply:
• Go to www.epass.nc.gov/
• Visit or call the Department of Social Services in your county for an application
• Request an in-home visit (only an option if you’re disabled)